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How to Care for Your Horse During Summer

As summer approaches and brings warmer weather, you will probably ...
horse riding holiday

How to Plan a Great Horse Riding Holiday

For both horse and non-horse people, going on a horse riding holiday ...
horse riding helmet

Horse Riding Helmets: How to Pick the Right One for You

When it comes to riding equipment, your helmet is one of the most ...
choosing the right saddle

How to Choose the Right Saddle for You

Shopping for the right saddle is an exciting endeavor. That being ...
girl giving treats to horse

Yummy Treats for Your Horse

As horse people, there’s nothing more satisfying than giving ...
tall riding boots

How to Pick the Right Horse Riding Boots

Choosing a good pair of riding boots is an important investment ...
horse tack

How to Care For Your Tack

When it comes to riding horses, caring for your tack is an imperative ...
horse and rider_small jump

Overcoming The Fear of Jumping

It doesn’t matter what level of horse rider you are or how long ...
Horse covered and eating during cold morning

How to Care for Your Horse During Winter

While horses may seem hardy and often stoic, the winter months ...
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