Advanced Horse Riding Lessons: What You Can Expect

Horse Jumping—Selective Focus Photography ( interested in taking advanced horse riding lessons, you can expect to build off of the skills you picked up in your previous riding lessons. If you’re ready for advanced horse riding lessons, chances are you are now a horse addict and are ready to learn more!

What Will I Learn in My Advanced Horse Riding Lessons?

Advanced horse riding lessons, unlike beginner and intermediate horse riding lessons, have an intense focus on how the rider affects the horse’s way of going. For this reasons, riders taking advanced riding lessons have to have exquisite balance, body control, and a complete understanding of how the horse’s body works.

  • “Advanced” aids: Riders taking advanced riding lessons can expect to learn some of the most advanced movements that horse and rider can perform together. Lateral movements, including both two and three track movements are often taught to riders to further better the rider’s horse. Riders will also be taught to give aids to achieve advanced levels of collection so that the horse will develop more thrust thus allowing more suspension in the gaits. Also, riders will learn helpful exercises involving both transitions within the gait and lateral work to further school their horse to achieve the best result possible.
  • Extended and collected gaits: In addition to learning the advanced aids, riders taking advanced lessons can also expect to be given the tools to achieve the extended gaits with their horse. The walk, trot, and canter all have the potential for extension. Riders will be taught how to best prepare for the movement in addition to how to execute it and bring the horse back to a medium or working gait. Riders can expect to learn the aids for collection, a way of going required for the upper levels.
  • Riding tests and other movements: Not only will riders taking advanced lessons be taught how to ride through individual movements, they will also learn how to put the movements together in a dressage test. Riders working at this level should be able to effectively ride through an upper level dressage test preparing for and executing the movements well. At this level, riders will find that an immense amount of emphasis is put on correct and accurate riding.
  • Training skills: Once a rider has reached the advanced level, they may also learn techniques that will assist them with bringing along a variety of different horses. Riders, if they desire, can be taught how to make their own horses as well as train horses at many different levels.

Advanced riding lessons consist of invaluable information. Not only can advanced horse riding lessons better prepare riders for the sport of dressage, they can also provide a solid foundation for other sports such as show jumping and eventing.

Riders who are taking advanced riding lessons have reached a level of riding that will give them tools to both teach other riders and horses what they have learned during their riding careers. For riders with serious equestrian goals, advanced horse riding lessons are the next step that needs to be taken to achieve those goals.

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  1. Fabulous opportunity! great efforts for horse riders. I really appreciate that. nice blog.

  2. Frances says:

    Advanced riding lessons are something I never quite got to. Intermediate was as far as I went. Reading what you wrote here made me want to jump back in the saddle! Maybe I’ll give it a go!!

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