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Health Benefits of Horse Riding

Horse riding is often known for being a unique and exhilarating sport. For this reason, individuals of all ages are able to enjoy the sport. What many don’t realize is that horse ...
Horse and rider show jumping

Show-Jumping: What You Need to Know

Show-jumping is one of the most exciting equestrian sports around. With levels that are designed to accommodate new comers all the way up to the professionals, all levels of riders ...

Dressage: What You Need to Know

One of the most graceful and difficult sports in the equestrian world, dressage is both unique and rewarding. What is Dressage? Meaning “training” in French, dressage is ...
Horse carrots, Good Boy Sailor—Five Furlongs (

Communicating With Your Horse

Upon first entering the horse world, you may find that you’re unsure of how to act around horses. Horses are big and can be somewhat intimidating, but in reality they are sensitive ...

Horse Riding Terminology

If you’re new to the horse world, you might feel as if you have to learn a whole new language just to understand what’s going on in your lessons. Horse people sometimes ...
Horse Riding Gear

Horse Riding Gear

Equestrians aren’t afraid to admit that their sport requires a lot of gear. Horse riding gear is designed so that both horse and rider can remain safe and comfortable. In addition ...
Equestrian clothing

Equestrian Clothing

If you’re just starting out in the horse world, the clothing may seem a bit strange. Of course, equestrians don’t think so and it’s not just because they are used ...
Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion—eXtensionHorses (

Different Breeds of Horses: An Introduction

One of the most beautiful and intriguing aspects of horses is that there a wide array of different horse breeds that possess certain physical and mental traits that make them good for ...
Horse Jumping—Selective Focus Photography (

Advanced Horse Riding Lessons: What You Can Expect

If interested in taking advanced horse riding lessons, you can expect to build off of the skills you picked up in your previous riding lessons. If you’re ready for advanced horse ...
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